The ‘Straits’ shorts: Each season we pay homage to the people that influence us and these lounge shorts from our Summer 12/13 line are no exception.

The ‘Straits’ short pays homage to our ‘ Peranakan’ heritage. Growing up in Singapore, the inspiration for the shorts came from observing our grandmothers, mothers and aunts in their detailed hand- made sarong kebayas (worn on special occasions). This series of shorts are tailormade from lightweight Nonya batik collected by our mothers over the years and perfect for those hot summer days.

The word ‘Peranakan’ meaning ‘descendant’ is colloquially used to refer to the descendents of the early Chinese community that settled in the Malay Archipelago around the 17th Century. Also known as “Babas” (the males) or “Nonyas” (the females), they are typically of mixed parentage (between the Chinese men and native women), as Chinese women were by law not allowed to leave their native country until the middle of the 19th Century, many of these early traders married non-Muslims natives of the Malay archipelago. These communities lived and engaged in trade within the Straits settlements of Singapore, Malacca, Penang and even Dutch-controlled Java resulting in another name being commonly used to describe them – the “Straits Chinese”. The Peranakan culture has evolved over the years into a unique blend of customs and traditions with traces of Portuguese, Dutch, British, Malay, Indonesian and Chinese influences.

A variety of prints is available and for the A – Z of prints can be seen on our Instagram @footagestore. Enjoy!

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