Yoshii Towel

Handwoven in Imabari, Japan, a town known for its linens, the Yoshii towel is a delightful combination of traditional and contemporary. The secret to the natural softness of Yoshii towels is the use of exceptionally soft twisted ring threads called “Shankar 6.” These threads are cultivated with few agricultural chemicals and made from 100% hand-picked raw materials. Seeds are allowed to naturally separate from the cotton to avoid tearing any fibers. The “Shankar 6” is then massaged down, puffed by patting and combed twice before being gently twisted into thread. To maximize its natural properties, the cotton is slowly and carefully treated under normal temperature and pressure.
Because of the exceptional care taken with materials, every Yoshii towel is fast drying, superior at water absorption and easy on the environment. Yoshii towels are extremely lightweight and pack tightly, making them very travel-friendly. The following towel collections are designed by Maho Ukai of 5Trees. 
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