Footage After Hours: Meet the Maker Session 3

Waverley Woollen Mills stands for luxury, quality and sustainability.  As Australia’s oldest working textile mill (established in 1874), it is responsible for producing the finest designer wool products that are guaranteed to last. Each piece is beautifully crafted and ethically produced.  Employing only the finest artisan craftsmanship bolstered by the latest in sustainable practices, the Mill produces iconic blankets, rugs, throws, scarves, and clever recycled blankets to be enjoyed by Australian families, generation after generation.

This year marks a 145 years of operation for the Waverley Woollen Mills in Launceston, Tasmania. By no means an easy feat, the Mill has had its share of ups and downs, surviving 2 World Wars, the Great Depression and Prime Minister Whitlam’s drastic tariff cuts that greatly decimated the wool industry in the early 1970s.

Since the first looms were installed in 1874, Robert Hogarth and his brother-in-law had a hand at making tweeds and blankets for auction, and since then, the Mill has been responsible for producing some of the finest wool products in this country. A family owned company until the 1980s, Waverley Woollen Mills was close to calling time in the 2005, until a consortium of Tasmanian business owners successfully sought public support via a fundraiser campaign designed to restore the Mill and preserve an iconic piece of national history.  Owner and Chief Executive Andrew Cuccurullo and a number of investors have since invested, and under this current stewardship, now manage and run Australia’s final Woollen frontier. Waverley Woollen Mills is the last standing Mill in all of Australia that still continue to card, dye, spin, weave and finish wool products, start to finish.

With the support of the City of Sydney, we’ll be hosting our 3rd instalment of Footage After Hours : Meet the Maker this Wednesday 19th June, from 6-9 pm. Come meet with CEO Andrew Cuccurullo as he takes you through a quick tour of the Mill, interesting wool stories and the production processes of the wonderful Waverley Woollen products that have won the adoration of fellow Australians and the World over.  Come support an iconic Australian success story, and let Waverley Woollen Mill’s finest be part of your fabric.

As each session is set up to be an intimate event, space is limited. Book your tickets HERE. This is a free event.

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