Footage After Hours: Meet the Maker Session 5

Award winning Perfect South is a boutique purveyor of Australian grown Green tea that is crafted using authentic Japanese methods. One might ask if Green Tea from Australia is of a high quality? Well, the answer is an emphatic YES.

Certain climate conditions in specific regions of Australia, such as the fertile sub-alpine valleys of Victoria’s North East mirror the growing conditions of some of the best tea growing regions of Japan. The terroir is favourable for the camellia sinensis resulting in a good yield of green tea under the expert hands of local farmers.

Harvesting starts in Spring, from early October to March each year, in a process that continues almost without rest for these farmers. The tea plants are pruned from the top and as new shoots appear and grow, pruned again, often up to four times. The first harvest is the most prized but subsequent harvests also produce great quality tea with prominent, balanced flavours.

Thereafter, the process of steaming, roasting and drying tea is meticulously managed, as tea is a sensitive and intricate thing, and the end product is only at its best when these steps are carefully overseen. Tea makers continually assess texture, taste, colour, aroma and look, checking the tea at each stage of its journey from the farm to you.

At Perfect South, only the purest methods matter and are applied in the cultivation of tea from start to finish. The brand does not engage in the use of synthetic chemicals or sprays to enhance the flavour or aroma of their blends, so you get to enjoy a high quality cup in the comforts of your own home.

Thanks to the support of City of Sydney, you’ll get a chance to meet with Renee and savour her boutique selection of loose leaf First Harvest Teas and Blends, at the Masterclass with Perfect South on Thursday, the 5th of September from 6.30 – 8.30pm at Footage. Learn how to brew the teas, the individual flavour notes of each blend and how to best serve these teas with food at home.

As a bonus, we’ve asked friends of Footage, to create a series of small bites to go with the teas on the night. Keita Abe from reputed Japanese outfit Chaco Bar has selected 3 small courses to serve with Perfect South’s Shincha, Genmaicha and Houjicha. Finish the evening with a Matcha Genmaicha served with the delicate Matcha Green Tea Tart by Yu Sasaki of Cafe Cre Asion and Restaurant Sasaki fame. Attendees will also take home a gift bag with a canister of tea of their choice from Perfect South and a limited edition ceramic cup custom created by Studio Enti for Footage.

*PLEASE NOTE PRIOR TO TICKET PURCHASE: The food pairings have been carefully selected by the chefs to complement the teas. As such, we will not be able to change the menu due to dietary restrictions. The menu will NOT be meat, dairy, gluten, soy, egg or nut free.

Footage After Hours: Tea Masterclass with Perfect South Tea

Footage After Hours: Tea Masterclass with Perfect South Tea

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