Introducing: Lapp Fragrances

Peter Georgiou’s passion is scent. Born and raised in Sydney’s great backyard - the Blue Mountains. Always surrounded by the merging elements of the wild -  the botanicals, changing season and raw textures, he decided to create his version of nature through Lapp Fragrances. After years as a designer creating the visual language for brands, he decided his voice would be heard through the language of scent.

2 distinct scents were created to capture the beauty of the Australian wilderness. Ascension celebrates the breaking of day, the fresh smell of fir, thyme and the forest unfurling through the day. Like the forest, for the chameleon as one moves through the paces of the day, so does this scent.

As the sun sets, Darkness is calm and deep. The aroma of Amber, Musk and Woodlands start off warm and woody before settling into a rich and earthy scent. Much like the woods settling for the night, this scent mellows out and you never know which base note will come through - leather, timber, sandalwood or pimento berry.

Much like nature, an ever changing environment, the layers of Lapp’s fragrances are brought out through the wearer. The final author of each scent.

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