Meet The Maker: Vivelo

By combining the best of Latin American and Australian ingredients, Melbourne based brother and sister duo Jack and Zoe Dealehr have created Vivelo teas and tisanes. Jack's knowledge of South American ingredients were taught to him by Chef Karime Lopez Moreno Tagle (Central, Peru/ Osteria Fransescana, Italy) whilst he spent time in Peru. Organic ingredients like cocoa husks and yerba mate are sourced from small family producers in Peru and the Misiones region in Argentina before they're blended with local ingredients like strawberry gum and lemon myrtle to create Vivelo's unique blends. Teas are hand blended in small batches for consistency and quality before they are housed in Japanese made canisters to retain optimum flavour and scent.

Join us this weekend and meet Jack in-store. He'll be brewing his teas, pumping out hip hop tunes and sharing tea tips.

Tasting Times
Friday 11th Aug: 1 - 6
Saturday 12th Aug: 11 - 5


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