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Firmly based in the Danish design tradition and appreciation for the values of classic craftsmanship, Mismo unites natural materials with simple yet refined details to create products of true style. Leather constitutes the backbone of Mismo design, and only the best materials of premium quality are used. In Mismo bags, functionality and detail are meticulously harmonised with versatility and durability to strike exactly the right balance.

'We have a rather architectural approach to the way we design. It’s mainly about symmetry, aesthetics and what’s pleasing to the eye. It’s about playing with dimensions, angles and shapes until it just looks right. Of course, we also like to keep it simple. We put a lot of effort into developing and sourcing the best possible materials, be it vegetable tanned leather or a special, hard-woven, water-repellent canvas. Working with such great materials gets you halfway and from there it’s basically a matter of trying not to force a design onto the materials, but trying to let the materials speak their own language.

We know that people these days are willing to spend a little extra for a quality bag that in terms of design and quality will take them safely through several seasons. We try really hard to deliver on that. Especially because all the hard work in developing great materials can so easily be wasted if the construction is not state-of-the-art, as well. A bag made with a fine quality leather is basically a waste of money if the stitching breaks within weeks. We’ve emphasised this over and over again in dealing with our manufacturers, and we’ve now reached a standard in production that we’re incredibly proud of. Creating a great looking design is the easy part, it’s getting the bags produced using the right materials, and ensuring a high standard of production that presents the real challenge.' Founder, Alexander Bach via GQ 


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