New to the Pantry: Lorenzo Olive Oil

Since 1894, the Barbera family of Palermo has been producing olive oils the old-fashioned way. Using Sicilian-grown olives, Barbera is constantly expanding their range to provide the perfect oil for every occasion.

The Lorenzo Collection features 3 distinct and limited production olive oils from Sicily, created from 100% organic Carasuola D.O.P Valli Trapans olives by the Barbera family to celebrate 3 generations of Lorenzos in their family. 

No. 1 is a stronger, denser oil, brilliant green in colour, spicy with a persistent herbaceous and fruity flavour. 

No. 3 is a milder, well rounded tasting oil with a light peppery finish. This oil plays well with salads and seafood dishes. 

No. 5 is an oil that is extracted from a single olive variety, where the pit of the olive is extracted first, hence eliminating the bitter component of the olive. A bright golden oil, with a delicate spiced aroma, and the great pairing cream sauce.  

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