Atelier Lumira

Founded by Almira Armstrong in 2013, Lumira is the manifestation of her life-long love affair with scent, design and travel. The candles themselves are handcrafted using the purest all-natural soy wax available and cotton wicks, together with fine essential and aroma fragrance oils composed by a team of internationally renowned perfumers. Of course, such impeccable ingredients deserve an equally exquisite aesthetic and just as much care has gone into designing an exterior that is bold, original and undeniably luxurious. Lumira candles are defined by the quality of their ingredients, the meticulous attention to detail applied in production and, most importantly, the ambiance they create when lit.
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Candle - Arabian Oud
Atelier Lumira Candle - Balinese Ylang Ylang
Atelier Lumira Candle - Cuban Tobacco
Candle - Cypres de Provence
Atelier Lumira Collezione Bianca - Darsana
Atelier Lumira Collezione Bianca - La Primavera
Atelier Lumira Candle - Paradisium
Atelier Lumira Candle - Sicilian Citrus
Atelier Lumira Collezione Bianca Candle - Sirocco
Candle - Tahitian Coconut
Atelier Lumira Candle - Tropical Gardenia
Atelier Lumira Candle - Tunisian Mint Tea
Atelier Lumira Candle - Tuscan Fig
Atelier Lumira Eau de Parfum - Paradisium
Atelier alumina Paradisium Body Set
Atelier Lumira Perfume Oil - Arabian Oud
Perfume Oil - Cuban Tobacco
Perfume Oil - Persian Rose
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