Aussie Artisan Week

There’s never been a more important time to shop local. In 2020, small businesses across Australia have navigated unprecedented challenges: from fires to floods and now the ongoing obstacles of a global pandemic. So, to inspire Australians to make smarter purchasing decisions, the crew from iconic butter producer Pepe Saya are launching a new shop local campaign.

From August 17th to August 23rd 2020, Aussie Artisan Week encourages shoppers across the country to consciously support and shop directly from local producers and artisans. The initiative, spearheaded by Pepe Saya, aims to raise awareness about the quality and benefits of shopping local and the importance keeping the Australian dollars here and boosting the local economy.

154 results
Red Clipper Chilli Company - Hot Sauce - Jalepeno/Green Tomato/Coriander
Olde Spikey Bridge Peanut Butter - Crunchy
Hey Tiger Chocolate - Best Mates - Coconut & Caramelized Popcorn
Red Clipper Chilli Company Hot Sauce - Red Habenero/Cayenne/Tomato
Wellington Apiary Leatherwood Honey
Wellington Apiary Meander Valley Clover Honey
Hey Tiger Chocolate - A Bunny' Fav Carrot Cake
Hey Tiger Chocolate - Summer In the City - Peanut Butter & Pretzel
Wellington Apiary Prickly Box Honey
Green Anchor Hot Sauce Baby This Evening
Hey Tiger Chocolate - Be Mine Raspberry & Fudge Brownie Milk
De Chalain Soap - Geranium, Lavender + White Clay
De Chalain Soap - Lemon, Bergamot + Activated Charcoal
Hunted + Gathered Chocolate Dominican Republic 70%
Hunted + Gathered Chocolate Ecuador 70%
Leif Lilly Pilly Hand Wash - Eucalyptus & Tea Tree 500ml
Lumira Cuban Tobacco Candle
Mork Hot Chocolate - Original Dark 70%
Perfect South Tea - Shincha
PS Soda - Smoked Lemonade
Studio Enti for Footage Cup - Sea Spray
Wellington Apiary Small Batch Fennel Honey
Fancy Hanks - Original BBQ Sauce
Green Anchor Pickle Me Silly Vegetable Pickles

154 results

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