Battenwear is for the adventurer who needs well made clothing that can handle the demands of the great outdoors while still being fashionable for everyday city wear. 
Designer Shinya Hasegawa—whose incredible knowledge of vintage, draws his inspiration for Battenwear, from the late 1960s through early 1980s surf and outdoor wear. Using this vintage vibe as a jumping off point, Shinya designs Battenwear for the contemporary adventurer. An avid traveler himself, Shinya gravitates toward making clothing and accesories that are versatile, multi-functional, easily packable, and as comfortable as they are stylish.  All Battenwear items are crafted with pride in the U.S.A.
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Battenwear Beach Bucket Tote - Red
Battenwear Beach Bucket
AUD $159.00
Battenwear Chambray Excursion Shirt - Blue
Battenwear Correspondent Jacket - Khaki
Battenwear Ruck Sack - Cordura Nylon Back Pack - Navy
Battenwear Ruck Sack
AUD $299.00
Battenwear T.S.P 2 - Paisley Jacquard
Battenwear TSP2 Jacket - Navy
Battenwear TSP2 Parka Jacket - Khaki
Battenwear TSP2 Jacket - Olive
Battenwear Team Jacket - Navy
Battenwear Team Jacket - Royal
Battenwear Travel Shell Parka - Blue
Battenwear Travel Shell Parka - Red
Battenwear Travel Shell Parka - Red
AUD $399.00 AUD $629.00
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