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Birdsnake was established late in 2018 by Fred Lullfitz, Bridget Amor and Mark Dundon. For the past 15 years Bridget & Mark have worked alongside coffee producers - purchasing, exporting and importing in Latin America, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience. Fred also started in coffee (over ten years ago) and has spent time living in Ecuador and Colombia, where his appreciation for high quality Cacao began and the focus on bean to bar chocolate feel into place organically.

Birdsnake Chocolate is passionate about seeking out unique cacao from various regions of the world, understanding their inherent qualities and extracting the best flavours great cacao possesses. This Melbourne based bean to bar chocolatier creates fair trade chocolate with a focus on traceability.

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Birdsnake Chocolate - Peru
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Birdsnake Chocolate - Tanzania
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Birdsnake Chocolate - Madagascar
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Birdsnake Chocolate - Ecuador
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Birdsnake Chocolate - Colombia
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