Ethical - Fair Trade - Organic - Bean to Bar - Holistic - Hot Chocolate - Australia & NZ Made - French - Vietnamese - Social Enterprise. We have a selection of chocolate for just about anyone. Treats to self, someone special or your peoples at the next dinner party.
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Marou Chocolate - Mekong Kumquat
Hunted Gathered Hazelnut Chocolate
Marou x Wallpaper Chocolate 80%
Hunted + Gathered Four Pillars Gin Chocolate
Hunted + Gathered Sesame Seed Chocolate
Birdsnake Chocolate - Peru
Sold Out
Hunted + Gathered Dominican Republic Chocolate
Birdsnake Chocolate - Tanzania
Sold Out
Birdsnake Chocolate - Madagascar
Sold Out
Birdsnake Chocolate - Ecuador
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Birdsnake Chocolate - Colombia
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Marou Chocolate Bar Dak Lak 70%
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