Conservas Angelachu

Conservas Angelachu is born in Santoña (Cantabria) Spain in the late 90's, with the experience of four generations of professionals, fishmongers and conserveros.  Angelachu is a pioneer and leader in its sector for the artisan production of fish

Nestled midway between Santander and Bilbao in the province of Cantabria, the town of Santoña is a fishing port that has a long history of canned seafood. What makes Cantabrian anchovies prized around the world is the species Engraulis Encrasicolus, common in the bay of Biscay. The production process is entirely hands-on and begins with the salting, eviscerating and packing of the fish into barrels. The process from start to finish is performed by true artisans, operating with the right know-how, deft hands and the utmost care paid to a quality product.


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Conservas Angelachu - Anchovies in Olive Oil 50g
Conservas Angelachu Anchovies
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