Since 1998, “master maple-grower” Martin Malenfant has produced a maple syrup which is 100% organic and of the highest quality. The centuries-old sugarwood is located at Escuminac in Baie-des-Chaleurs - a small village in Eastern Quebec, at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains. Swept by the salty air of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, less than 3km from the slopes of the sugarwood, this terroir enjoys a unique climate, ideal for the production of maple syrup. This region was first used by Native Americans, long before the arrival of the first Europeans. Érablière Escuminac, means “meeting-place of man and nature' in “Micmac”, the Native American language.

Escuminac maple syrup comes from the sap of 65,000 centuries-old maples (Acer saccharum). 40 litres of sap are required to produce one litre of this liquid gold.

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Escuminac Maple Syrup Extra Rare
Escuminac Maple Syrup Late Harvest
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Escuminac Maple Syrup Great Harvest
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