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The Footage brand is an homage to the people who inspire us on a daily basis. Fabrics sourced from Japanese or European mills, our line is made by a tailor with over 40 years of tailoring experience.
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22K Gold Hoop Earrings
Footage Chambray Work Shirt - Blue
Footage Chambray Work Shirt - Grey
Footage Dress Shirt - White
Footage Dress Shirt
AUD $229.00
Footage Expedition Safari Short - Militare
Footage Expedition Safari Short - Sahara
Fatigue Shirt - Militare
Footage Flight Jacket - Cranes
Footage 001 Jacquard Oxford Shirt - Blue/White
Footage Footage 001 Shirt - Leo
AUD $100.00 AUD $189.00
Footage 001 Linen Shirt - White
Footage 001 Shirt - Pale Blue
Footage 001 Shirt - Sky
Footage 001 Signature Small Collar Shirt - White
Footage 002 Shirt - Sky Blue
Footage 002 Shirt - Snow
Footage Gift Box
Footage Gift Box
Footage Gift Box
Footage Gift Box
Footage High Waisted Pleated Pants - British Khaki
Footage High Waisted Linen Pleated Pants - Navy
Footage Linen Shirt - Paisley
Footage Linen Shorts - Navy
Footage Newport Slim Shorts - Indigo Navy
Footage Newport Slim Shorts - Indigo
AUD $95.00 AUD $139.00

72 results

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