Hibi Incense

Hyogo prefecture's traditional crafts include centuries of incense blending, and more recently, 70% of Japan's match production. A marriage of the two crafts, these self-lighting incense sticks by Hibi. Painstakingly trialled and refined over 3 years, Hibi (meaning 'day's) incorporates natural paper fibers, wax and charcoal into meticulously balanced incense powders, creating a strikable, matchless incense stick which burns safely on its own reusable custom pad.
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Hibi 10 Minutes Incense - Yuzu
Hibi Hibi Yuzu Incense
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Hibi 10 Minutes Incense - Cedar Wood
Hibi 10 Minutes Incense - Japanese Cypress
Hibi 10 Minutes Incense - Sandalwood
Hibi 10 Minutes Incense - Lemongrass
Hibi Incense - Oak Moss
Hibi 10 Minutes Incense - Ambergris
Hibi Fragrant Olive Incense
Hibi Yuzu Incense - Large
Hibi Japanese Cypress Incense - Large
Hibi Cedar Wood Incense Large Box
Hibi Oak Moss Incense - Large
Hibi Sandalwood Incense - Large
Hibi Incense Lemongrass Large Box
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