Hunted + Gathered Chocolate

From an Australian bean - to - bar chocolate scene that is still in its infancy, emerged the brainchild of the Nissen Brothers: Hunted + Gathered. Since 2015, Harry & Charlie have been making chocolate in their HQ in Cremorne Melbourne using 3 - 5 organic ingredients in each bar. They believe that customers will only truly enjoy the different flavour profiles and unique characteristics of single origin cacao beans in their natural form, if unaltered by emulsifiers and other flavourings. 

The full bean-to-bar process, from when the beans are sorted by hand, roasted, winnowed, ground, poured, tempered and finally wrapped takes 4 days. Hunted + Gathered won't ever take short cuts and prefer to make a slow, honest piece of chocolate for their customers.


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Hunted Gathered Hazelnut Chocolate
Hunted + Gathered Four Pillars Gin Chocolate
Hunted + Gathered Sesame Seed Chocolate
Hunted + Gathered Dominican Republic Chocolate
Hunted + Gathered Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
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