Laboratory Perfumes

In 2011, Aaron Firth founded Laboratory Perfumes by charting a rather unconventional course. Ignoring ‘existing industry norms’, he wanted to strip away the sometimes confusing – and sometimes alienating – ‘noise’ often associated with fragrance today, and with a kind of ‘back to basics’ approach, take inspiration ‘directly from the flowers, herbs and aromatic botanicals native to Britain and beyond.’ For this utterly contemporary brand, it’s important to keep everything possible in-house, with every eau de toilette and candle blended in the UK ‘from flowers, natural oils, herbs and botanicals sourced from in and around Britain.’

Honoring their home by evoking the ingredients found here, Laboratory Perfumes are environmentally and ethically respectful, too. The fragrances and candles are completely vegan – created from socially and environmentally conscious ingredients, free from preservatives, additives and any non-sustainable substances. This simplified scent ethos is reflected in the understated glass bottles which allude to their ‘laboratory’ origins. Without the distraction of elaborate packaging and blinged-out bottles, the names are refreshingly simple – tempting you to try something you’re drawn to. Yet the scents themselves are seriously intriguing – your skin teasing complexity and depth from each creation.

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Laboratory Perfumes Amber Eau De Toilette
Laboratory Perfumes Gorse Eau De Toilette
Laboratory Perfumes Tonka Eau De Toilette
Laboratory Perfumes Samphire Eau De Toilette
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