Le Paludier de Guerande

Establissement Bourdic was originally a family firm, founded in 1975 by Mr. Bourdic, a Guérande salt producer, and passed down from father to son. The sales activity began with the sale of coarse salt to local and regional shops. It then gradually developed with the launch of the first dried ground Guérande salt.

Le Paludier located in Batz Sur Mer, France produces the famous Fleur de Sel de Guerande. Known as the caviar of salts, the delicate and subtle taste of this Fleur de Sel serves as a wonderful complement to any meal. This traditional French delicacy is harvested by hand off the coast of Brittany by workers who scrape only the top layer of salt--the moist, flaky, and textured kernels--that forms on the top of the salt beds using thousand year old techniques.

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