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Kowloon Chilli Co - XO Sauce

AUD $20.00

Kowloon Chilli Co's XO Sauce is packed full of premium dried scallops, dried prawns, cured pork, and chilli of course. This sauce gained its notoriety from its pairing with some of your favourite late night supper dishes - on steaming hot plates of crispy noodles and tossed generously through heaps of plump, juicy pippies.

The XO name was derived from a Hong Kong shorthand to denote high-quality, prestige, and luxury given the high cost of ingredients (top grade dried shrimp, scallop and specialty ham) that often go into this premium condiment.

Elevate your classic asian dishes with this flavour packed sauce. Toss through lobster, mubcrab, pippies and prawns. Use as a condiment for fried rice, noodles and dumplings. 

Weight: 230g
Made in Australia

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