Founded in 2007, Makr’s goal is to create long-lasting products with carefully considered details and construction techniques. Product development is driven by process and experimentation rather than a schedule. This allows them to take time to develop work that they truly care about and manufacture it in a socially responsible way. 

All products are made in the United States with the majority of work being done within 100 miles of Makr's studio. A team of five is responsible for in-house production and fulfillment, as well as monitoring all aspects of off-site manufacturing.

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Flap Slim Wallet - Black Horween Chromexcel Leather
Makr Flap Slim Wallet - Charcoal
Flap Slim Wallet - Ox Blood Horween Chromexcel Leather
Makr Flap Wallet - Black
Makr Flap Wallet - Charcoal
Makr Horizon 4 Wallet - Black
Makr Horizon 4 Wallet - Ox Blood
Makr Key Bottle Opener - Brass
Makr Key Bottle Opener
AUD $18.00
Makr Key Chain with Snap Hook - Oxblood
Makr Key Chain with Snap Hook - Black
Makr Key Chain with Snap Hook - Tan
Makr Round Wallet - Black
Makr Round Wallet - Saddle Tan
Turn Fob - Black Horween Shell Cordovan Leather
Makr Goods Turn Fob - Shell Cordovan
Turn Fob - Scraped Horween Shell Cordovan Leather
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