Maple Soaps

Maple is a boutique Sydney based company specialising in hand made, handcut soap. Each batch of soap is made from a selection of the highest grade vegetable oils, butters, clays and essential oils. Every bar of Maple Soap is air dried and then hand wrapped into small, delightfully fragrant little packages for you to share and enjoy.
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Maple Soaps - Arancio Espresso Scrub
Maple Soaps - Australian Lemon Myrtle (Limited Edition)
Maple Soaps - Bayleaf & Bergamot
Maple Soaps - Eucalyptus & Rosemary
Maple Soaps - Lemon Geranium & Mandarin
Maple Soaps - Mint & Walnut Scrub
Maple Soaps - Rosewood & Charcoal
Maple Soaps - Ylang Ylang & Vanilla Bean
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