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The MARIA Organic brand offers wild fish preserves with 100% organic agricultural ingredients such as olive oil, tomatoes, chillies and certified aromatic herbs.

The fish used in the preserves of the MARIA Organic brand are fished in a sustainable way. It is based on a more artisanal and small-scale method, with social, economic and ecological benefits.

The fish used in the brand's preserves is wild and fished in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the Iberian Peninsula. The brand's option for wild fishing is because the fish is fished in its natural habitat, where it develops naturally and feeds on its own biome. The end product is fish that is smooth in taste and superior in nutritional properties of vitamins, omega-3 and others.

At an environmental level, wild fishing is very important because it does not spread invasive species; associated with sustainable fishing allows the continuity of marine life and avoids the lack of species diversity due to habitat destruction.

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Maria Organic Tuna in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Maria Organic Small Sardines in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Maria Organic Spiced Small Sardines in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Maria Organic Sardines in Organic Tomatoes and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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