Started in 2011 by two Frenchmen living in Vietnam, Marou source their beans from five provinces across Vietnam. For their core range, they have chosen a different cocoa percentage for the bars from each region, from the Tiền Giang 70% up to the Bến Tre 78%. Each region has its own distinctive flavour notes, and Marou have chosen recipes that enhance their unique qualities.

The fermented beans are transported to Marou’s chocolate factory in Saigon, where they are transformed into chocolate by bespoke machinery. They are roasted, winnowed, ground, conched, tempered and moulded into some of the most beautiful chocolate bars in the world. 

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Marou Chocolate Ba Ria 76%
Ben Tre - 78%
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Marou Ben Tre - 78%
AUD $10.00
Marou Chocolate Dong Nai 72%
Lam Dong - 74% Dark
Marou Chocolate Tien Giang 70%
Marou Tien Giang 70%
AUD $10.00
Marou Wallpaper* Edition Chocolate - 80% Tien Giang
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