Pollastrini was founded in 1889 and was the first Italian company to specialise in canning sardines. Recipes that have been handed down from generation-to-generation are honoured by Pollastrini and used to form the basis of their range of olive oil, tomato and chilli sardines.

Today, the fish are wild caught in the Mediterranean Sea between April and November each year and the production is carried out in Anzio, outside of Rome. Only the highest quality, “Clupea Pilchardus” sardines, which are particularly rich source of Omega-3, are used in Pollastrini sardines.

The company values are built on respect. Respect for the fish that must be conserved and preserved in the perfect way. And respect for the environment – using 100% recyclable materials in the packaging of all their products.

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Pollastrini Sardines - All'Olio D'Oliva - Olive Oil
Pollastrini Sardines - Piccanti All'Olio D'Olivia - Olive Oil & Chilli
Pollastrini Sardines - Al Pomodoro Piccante - Spicy Tomato
Pollastrini Sardines - Al Pomodoro - Tomato
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