SNS Herning

Danish brand SNS Herning – makers of tough wearing, hand knitted garments since 1931. Founder Søren Nielsen Skyt started producing knitwear for fisherman which was characterised by its lightweight ‘bubble’ construction. This technique is still used today, resulting in robust, highly insulated sweaters which are both lightweight and unrestrictive. All knitting still takes place in Denmark by a team of just five men with each finished garment signed by the garment's knitter.
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S.N.S Herning Fisherman Crew Neck Sweater - Black
S.N.S Herning Fisherman Crew Neck - Grey
S.N.S Herning Mediation Crew Neck Sweater
S.N.S Herning Mediation Crew - Navy
S.N.S Herning - Skip Cardigan - Navy
S.N.S Herning Ultimatum Bomber Jacket
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