Studio Enti

Ceramics have always been a large part of ceramacist Naomi Taplin's life - her parents having owned a pottery business for many years. This deep connection with the creative arts eventually led her to a COFA degree in Object Design and Ceramics. 

Studio Enti was was started from her desire to create a coherent series of classic forms, which have a gentle beauty. The slip casting technique which she uses, when done on a small scale and by hand, allows her to create pieces which have variations and unique markings that add to their imperfection and beauty.

Shop our curation of contemporary, modern and refine pieces from her collection for the home. 

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Stardust Small Dinner Plate - White
Studio Enti Stardust Small Dinner Plate - Light Grey
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Studio Enti Small Dish - White
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Small Dish - Green
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Small Dish - Charcoal
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Studio Enti Cup - White
Studio Enti Cup - Medium Blue
Studio Enti Cup - Light Grey
Studio Enti Cup - Charcoal
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