Yamaki Jozo

Established in 1902, Yamaki Group have inherited the traditional crafting methods for over 100 years. The group's unwavering philosophy is “preserve the nature and hand down to the next generation.” They continue to produce and use Japan-grown, environment-consciously grown crops and vegetables that basically does not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or weed killers. The water used in their products is well-known, soft natural spring water from the heights of a local mountain, called “Kamiizumi-sui (God Spring Water).” All products are filled with natural rich flavor and energy from these local and exceptional ingredients. 

A heritage brand producing some of the finest ingredients, while maintaining standards and processes passed down for generations.


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Yamaki Jozo Ponzi Citrus Shoyu
Yamaki Jozo Hon Dashi Powder
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Yamaki Jozo Dashi Shoyu
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