Yoshii Towel

Crafted in the small town of Imbari, Japan, the secret to the naturally soft towels stems from the use of exceptionally soft twisted ring threads called “Shankar 6.” These threads are cultivated under low agricultural-chemicals, and are made using 100% hand picked raw materials. The seed is allowed to naturally separate from the cotton to avoid tearing of the fibers. Because of the exceptional care taken with materials, the result is environmentally friendly towels that are extremely absorbent and soft, fast drying and lightweight so they pack up small, making them travel friendly or perfect for the gym, beach or pool.
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Yoshii Towel - 2 Tone Chambray - Blue/White
Yoshii Towel - Tri Tone Chambray - Blue/White/Red
Yoshii Towel - Tri Tone Chambray - Grey/Green/Stripe
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