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5 Balsamic Vinegar

AUD $65.00

Greek balsamic vinegar from Five Olive Oil is made from select white grapes, aged in small oak and chestnut barrels. The aging process and the influence of the wood provide a complex pallet of aromas and flavors to this high quality condiment.

Available in 500ml e 16.9 fl oz / 200ml e 6.8 fl oz

General quality characteristics of 5 Balsamic Estate Vinegar

  • Region of 5 Balsamic production: Adriani, Drama Greece
  • Aged for 6 years in 40-50 liter oak and chestnut wooden barrels
  • The process of using small barrels allows the balsamic to better interact with the wood and produce a more complex bouquet of aromas

Ingredients: Wine Vinegar, Concentrated grape must. Acidity:6%
Store in a cool dark place

200ml clear glass bottle

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