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ADI Apicoltura Acacia Flower Honey

AUD $19.00

This beautiful Acacia Flower organic honey from Italy has a clear, pale straw colour with a refined, mellow, delicate sweetness. It has a lightly floral perfume with notes of cooked pear.

The Acacia tree is a hardy, fast growing and adaptable tree that thrives in the Apennines and foothills of the Alps where large areas of dense Acacia forest can be found. Flowers of this acacia tree produce abundant quantities of nectar and are a favourite destination for bees and other nectar feeding insects and birds. ADI transport their bees to select forest areas of Piedmont, Lombardy and Abruzzo to collect this beautiful honey.


In 1896 Giuseppeantonio Iacovanelli decided to buy some hives in the nearby village of Villa Santa Maria, in the province of Chieta, in order to increase the production of honey and feed his children, whose number increased to five in that year. His decision initiated a tradition that continues up to the present day as the passion for beekeeping and honey has been handed down from father to son in the Iacovanelli family.

ADI Apicoltura was founded in 1982 by Dario, the grandson of Giuseppeantonio, ADI being the abbreviation of Apicoltura Dario Iacovanelli. Today his sons Piero and Fabio continue the business which is recognised throughout Italy as a leader in the sector.

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