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Callipo Tuna - Yellowfin in Olive Oil 3 Pack

AUD $8.00

Founded in 1913, Callipo was one of the first to can Mediterranean tuna. This Callipo 3-pack of Yellowfin in olive oil is made entirely in Italy. Which is a rarity today, when most other brands (including the Italian-sounding ones) are processed in Vietnam or Ecuador.

Yellowfin is characterised by its tender, compact, light rose, relatively lean flesh. Callipo starts by carefully selecting the best dolphin–safe Yellowfin, at a sufficient size to ensure the lowest level of mercury. And then carefully follows the time-honoured production-processes, much of which is done by hand. Callipo Tuna is finally ripened in oil for at least 3 months to absorb the favour of 100% Italian olive oil.

240g (3 x 80g) Net Weight 

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