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Hamada Shoyu Concentrated White Dashi Stock

AUD $37.00

Dashi stock is one of the essential pillars of daily Japanese cooking. Made from Japanese Kombu and bonito extract this is super flavoursome (with almost a smoky finish) and you will be very happy with it. It's got the top chefs seal of taste approval. This has a lovely smokey finish and is fast becoming a staple of all kitchens.

This white dashi stock is fantastic to use in so many ways - Soups, sauces, Japanese coddled eggs, risotto, vegetables, stir fries, rice dishes, pasta dishes, dipping sauces and more.

Use as is to add umami or add to dipping sauces or dilute 10 to one for noodles or soup this stock will go a long way.

Weight: 300ML
Origin | Kumamoto, Japan

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