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Condimental Passionfruit Hot Sauce

AUD $14.00

Each element in this hot sauce has been given time to ferment separately before being blended with Lirah (QLD) and Gaga's (VIC) apple cider vinegar to stabilise.

This new batch (Feb 2022) contains the highest percentage of orange habanero and passionfruit yet, so the good folks at Condimental have fermented long red chillies to balance the spice to an enjoyable level.

There’s no added sugar, thickeners, stabilisers, gums, so the complex sourness and bite, makes this Passionfruit number a perfect sauce to cut through fatty meats, oysters, or rich sauteed mushrooms with butter and herbs.  Or pour it over rice and beans for a serious lift. 

Weight: 250g
Made in Australia

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