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Cult Sauces - Not XO/Ancho

AUD $20.00

Hailing from North-Eastern New South Wales is Cult Sauce, a small batch sauce-maker making seasonal hot sauces, combining the use of fresh seasonal citruses and other classic heat elements like jalapeño peppers and habanero chillies.  Introducing a mix of Japanese Kombu Dashi and Korean Gochujang, and smokey hickory in its sauces, Cult Sauces is a smart blend of wonderful flavours we have been fortunate enough to savour on this lucky land. 

Not XO/Ancho is delight with seafood like grilled octopus, scallops and other popular crustaceans. Top pick for seafood lovers.   


36% Cayenne, 16% Roasted Onions, 11% Jaggery, 9% Habanero,  6% Ancho, 7% Garlic, 5% Kombu Dashi, 3% Miso, 2% Celery Salt, 2% Nutritional Yeast,  2% Mirin, 1% Blackstrap.

Weight: 250g
Made in Tyalgum

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