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Green Anchor - Kimchi Salt

AUD $8.00

A clever little seasoning salt that packs a punch. Imagine all the flavours in a tub of kimchi, dehydrated to intensify its flavours and turned into a seasoning salt to spice up your dish.

Green Anchor's Kimchi Salt can be used to season potatoes, add to ramen or steamed asian greens. Sprinkle on soft boiled eggs or smashed avocado toast in the morning to add a lacto fermented zing to your breakfast. 

Have spare sourdough discard, add a sprinkle of kimchi salt and sesame seeds to your discard, chop up some onions, kale, cabbage and green shallots and pan fry your sourdough discard with the chopped vegetable for a quick pancake snack. Zero waste! 

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