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Kumano Kodo Green Ume Plum Syrup

AUD $49.00

Ume plums (fruits of the Japanese apricot tree) are prized for their qualities: antiseptic, fortifying, mineralising, alkalising with its flavours leaning more towards the apricot family than the plum side. Kumano Kudo's Green Ume Syrup is made with 55% Green Ume Plum and 45% sugar beet rock candy, this syrup is refreshing and light. 

We recommend adding this to salad dressings, for aspic on pate, drizzled on parfait, desserts and cheesecake. This syrup can be added to cocktails and iced green teas. Dilute it in fresh still or sparkling water, at the rate of 1 dose of syrup for 5 to 6 doses of beverage.

Weight: 275ml
Origin | Wakayama, Japan

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