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Hotluck Easy Tiger Fermented Chilli Sauce

AUD $16.00

Hotluck is the brainchild of chef Gaspar Tse, borne of Covid-19 deficiencies in interesting hot sauces offerings, in our parts.

Over the last 10 years, he's cut his teeth in some of Australia's best - Flower Drum, Taxi Dining, Cafe Sydney, The Unicorn, Hubert & 10 William before embarking on the his condiment journey. You can now savour his creative flavour pairings in a jar.

The Easy Tiger fermented chilli sauce is a new release to ring in the Tiger lunar new year. Made from a combination of red chillies that are lacto-fermented with slightly smoked garlic over a few weeks, then simply blended with local vinegar and reduced down to a deliciously spicy, garlicky and umami charged paste.

Spread in sandwiches, dollop over grilled meats, or stir fry with butter and greens for a delicious spicy and rich sauce. Always a pleasure with noodles and pasta.

Vegan friendly

Size| 190G
Origin | Sydney, Australia

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