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La Fundidora - Humo Salsa

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A tomato-based red salsa with select chipotle morita and pasilla chiles, this is La Fundidora's most complex offering. Humo is to salsas what single-estate mescal (or single-barrel scotch) is to spirits.

The depth of taste and the undeniable allure of smoke make this an ideal salsa to pair with beef, heartier cuts of pork, stronger cheeses, beans and other legumes. It adds richness and umami notes to stews and sauces, and can be whisked into a dressing or folded into roasted potatoes for a kick.

La Fundidora was created with the pure intention of reviving the lost art of small-batch traditional salsa-making. Though salsas are readily available in the supermarkets, they've invariably lost their essence; instead becoming mass-produced, preservative-laden concoctions. La Fundidora craft their salsas by hand in small batches, using absolutely no chemicals, sweeteners or needless acidifiers in order to be able to stand by the taste and quality of every one of their jars

All natural, vegan and gluten-free. No preservatives, no sugar added.

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