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Le Guérandais - Fleur De Sel

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Le Guérandais Fleur de Sel is a unique grey coloured, coarse salt that is hand-harvested using traditional harvesting methods. After harvesting, it is simply dried in the sun. The grey colour stems from its rich mineral content that is retained from lack of refinement.

Each day, the 'Paludiers' skim only the layer of salt that forms on the top of the salt beds overnight. A labourious process that yields a product of outstanding quality, the salt blossom is harvested with great care using a special long-handed wooden rake, known as "la lousse" and then simply left to drain the sun. This delicate salt comprises of moist, flakey and textured kernels with more mineral complexity than regular table salt. Most salt pans yield on average a kilo of fleur de sel each day, which makes this one of the most prized commodities in the culinary world.

Best used as a finishing salt. Fleur de sel rounds out any dish. Sprinkle on any cooked dish, fresh salads, a nice piece of grilled meat or fish, eggs and even to desserts like caramels and chocolate.

Origin | Pays de la Loire, France

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