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Makijima Tea Co - Saemidori Sencha Cold Brew Tea

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This varietal sencha is selected by Makijima Tea Co. for cold brewing. Originating from southern parts of Japan, Saemidori is still relatively a new variey, but rapidly gaining popularity for its vibrant colour and umami rich flavour. The result is a well-balanced tea with hint of sweetness at the end.

This tea is grown free of chemicals and processed by Fumiaki Iwata in Tsugase, Nara. 

*  The Iwata family are 17th generation farmers in Tsukigase, Nara and made the transition to organic farming 40 years ago. They represent a quietly radical force in revitalising many abandoned tea farms scattered around the region by bringing them back to their former glory. Ageing population in the rural region means many micro to small scale tea farms can no longer be operational, threatening the future viability and existence of the tea farming community itself. The added benefit of tea leaves from these tea farms is that, when combined with the Iwata family’s knowledge of natural farming, the tea will be honest to the terroir.

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