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Mikawa Mirin

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One of the best mirin from Japan, the production of Mikawa Mirin is the true essence of small batch production. Matured over 12 months, it takes 1.8 kg of rice to make 1.8 liters of mirin using shochu (rice distilled alcohol) that is also manufactured in-house by the company so that it marries perfectly with their mirin. 

Sumiya Bunjiro Brewery, is a rare company specialized in the production of authentic mirin, established in the Mikawa region of Aichi Prefecture, known for its warm climate and high quality water sources, ideal terroir for the making of a high quality mirin. Sumiya uses pure ingredients - Japanese grown sweet glutinous rice, koji yeast and distilled rice spirit for the making of its mirin. 

Uses: As a sweet wine, this mirin deepens the flavour and adds a sweetness to savoury dishes. Add a small amount to eggs for Tamago. Mix with miso to glaze over fish or with soy and sugar to create a teriyaki glaze. Poach fruit and custards work well this mirin.

Weight| 700ML
Origin | Aichi, Japan

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