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Olasagasti Ventresca de Bonito

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Olasagasti's Ventresca de Bonito - White Tuna Belly in Olive Oil

Artisan tinned tuna from the Basque Country. Ventresca is the undercut or tuna belly, the fatty, tasty and best part of the fish. Olasagasti is unique in that it works with its tuna fresh, and therefore it is more flavoursome. The Bonito del Norte is smaller than the Yellowfin, and so its ventresca is more delicate. This tuna is fished in the Bay of Biscay in the summer months when it is at its peak. A tin to use in salads where the delicate texture and flavour can be fully appreciated. We suggest having these fillets alongside sliced tomato, olives, olive oil and salt flakes on a piece of toast.

Ingredients: White Tuna (Bonito del Norte) Belly, Olive Oil, Salt


Weight: 120g
Origin: Cantabria, Spain

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