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Organic Mountain Walnut Oil

AUD $19.00

The virgin walnut oil, with its delicate nutty scent, benefits from minimal processing so that as many nutrients from nature are preserved as possible. Known for its age defying antioxidants, this organic oil is a great source of Omega 3 and healthy fatty acids, making it good for your skin and lowering cholesterol. Use when cooking at low temperatures to retain its flavour and nutrients, or as a distinctive dressing on salads. All natural, fully organic and without chemicals and pesticides, this pure walnut oil is processed in Italy and loaded with goodness.

Flavour Notes & Uses
Adds a nutty flavor to bakes, an alternative to olive oil in salad dressings or as a vinaigrette for potato salad. A few drops into cream to poach chicken or fish. Drizzle on fruit and grill. Serve with bread as a dip. 

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