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Raconteur 2X Eau de Parfum

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Raconteur 2X is a reminder of the Australian summer. A sensory story that starts fresh and green - a day at the beach surrounded by native greens and salty sea air. As it progresses, the bright tones remain and citrus appears - cocktails and crisp sparkling wine in hand. As it develops spicy sandalwood and nagarmotha takes over. A night about town - seductive, secretive, adventure awaits.

Scent: Citrus, green (sharp), spicy, leather, smokey, woody (rich)

Head: bergamot, litsea, galbanum, lemon, fig leaf, violet leaf
Heart: lilly, leather accord, blackcurrant bud
Base: sandalwood, amber, vetiver, moss, nagarmotha
Surprise: Violet leaf

Mood & Chemistry: Uplifting, energising, grounding 

  • Monoterpenes including limonene, a&b pinene;
  • Sesquiterpenes including a-cedrene;
  • Monoterpenols including linalol;
  • Sesquiterpenols including cedrol and santalol;
  • Esters including linalyl acetate;
  • Aldehydes including santalal;
  • Oxides including 1,8 cineole

Form: Bright, smooth, warm, crisp, round

The second eau de parfum is a limited edition fragrance of only 250 bottles and individually numbered.

Please Note • This item can only be shipped within Australia

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