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Sailor's Dixie Cup Bucket Hat

AUD $25.00

The United States Navy's famous “Dixie cup” is one of the most iconic symbols worn in the military today. You can spot a sailor from a mile away who’s wearing the traditional white cover.  

It’s unclear exactly when the term “Dixie cup” was coined, but since the popular paper product made its public debut in the early 1900s, it’s likely when the term was coined and adapted for military service personnel.  Initially made out of a heavy canvas material, the Dixie Cup was replaced by a cheaper, more comfortable soft cotton. This lightweight option became popular with sailors who wore them as they could bend the cover to reflect their individual personality, and still be within uniform regulations. 

The "Dixie Cup" can be worn as a full cover bucket or with its cover flipped as desired, and works a treat as a suitable head covering in the warm season. 

100% Cotton 

Size 1 | Small | 7 1/8 -7 1/4



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