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Shirl + Moss Stoneground Espresso 67% Dark Chocolate

AUD $15.00

Farm: Fazenda Camboa / Brazil

For the coffee chocolate fans out there, this is for you. A range of coffee blends was tested for flavour notes that would complement the cacao. Flight Coffee are experts when it comes to coffee, their B2 blend was a perfect fit.

The cacao bean inside this bar is the Trinitario varietal. During roast testing it was discovered that a hotter profile gave the brand a complementary base for the coffee flavour to express itself. You’ll notice some notes of grape coming through before the bitterness takes hold. This bar is not for the faint hearted.

They hand sort, roast, crack, winnow and stone grind for up to 80 hours before ageing their chocolate. They then temper, mold and hand-wrap each bar on site in their factory in Wellington, New Zealand. Their bars are made in micro batches and individually numbered.

Vegan · Gluten-free · Dairy-free

Ingredients: Organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic cacao butter, coffee beans

May contain traces of nuts.

80 g

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