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Stansborough Kauri Woven Scarf - Azurro Blue

AUD $125.00

The Stansborough wool comes from one of the rarest sheep in the world called a Stansborough Grey. Once shorn, the owners hand separate the wool into the 3 shades of grey that naturally occur on their coat. Where colour is used, they only work with biodegradable and eco-friendly dyes. All  textiles are created on looms from the 1890's and one of the the last few used in commercial production in the world. They also farm alpacas, work with a local New Zealand supplier of merino and import organic bamboo to create blended textiles. 


  • Signature Stansborough Kauri Woven Design in Azzuro Blue
  • Stansborough Wool + Alpaca
  • Dimensions: W 28cm x L 108cm
  • Made in New Zealand
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