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USMC Herringbone Twill P44 Utility Jacket

AUD $219.00


Our take on an ORIGINAL P1944 or "second pattern" HBT Utility Jacket (or "Coat" as the Marines termed it) issued to Marines briefly in late-WWII, but primarily into the post-War period, including Korea. The jacket is made of the sage green herringbone twill ("HBT") fabric which was the trademark of the Marines in WWII.  The P1944 is distinguishable from the P1941 or "first pattern" utility coat, by the breast pockets; one flapped pocket with the "Eagle, Globe and Anchor" USMC stencil and two "side entry" pockets, rather than three unflapped patch pockets as on the M1941 coat. 

100% Cotton
9oz Herrington Twill

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